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Refractive surgery is used to correct refractive error in our vision focusing mechanism. Almost all of us have some amount of refractive error in our vision. The 3 types of refractive error that refractive surgery can correct are:

  1. myopia, or nearsightedness
  2. hyperopia, or farsightedness, and
  3. astigmatism - an aberration in the surface of the eye
One condition that refractive surgery cannot correct is Presbyopia - our aging eyes inability to focus clearly on things that are up close.

Refractive surgery is a technique used to permanently alter the surface of the lens so that the refractive error is corrected. By performing one of the refractive eye correction procedures, the focus of the light that enters our eye is brought to the correct focal point on the retina. Often, refractive surgery is also known as laser vision correction. Some of the most common laser eye correction procedures used today include:

  • Lasik - the process of sculpting inside the cornea to correct your vision.
  • Photorefractive Keratectomy or PRK - sculpts the surface of the cornea after removing the outer layer
  • Lasek -similar to PRK, but does not remove the outer layer of the cornea
  • Laser Thermal Keratoplasty or LTK - used to sculpt farsighted corneas in adults 40 and older
  • Intacs - actually, a non laser procedure that uses implants to flatten the cornea for low myopia conditions
Of the above procedures, Lasik is by far the most popular vision correction surgery today. Lasik patients experience less discomfort and fewer complications than earlier or more involved procedures.

At Newport Eye Care, we approach each Lasik procedure as a full project. We do not practice "assembly line" eye correction. Your eye geometry and optic situation will be carefully measured and analyzed using the latest and most advanced technology available. The procedure will be done by one of our surgeons. You get the full attention and care of one of Orange County's top eye surgeons.

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Newport Beach based Ophthalmologists are Orange County, CA based Lasik eye surgeons in Newport Beach, CA providing eye exams, vision health checkups, and eye and vision maintenance. Newport Beach Eye Care provides a number of refractive surgery procedures including Lasik, CK, and ReStor lens. Also provided are contact lens and eye glasses for vision correction to Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Corona del Mar - CdM, Laguna Beach, Seal Beach, Newport Coast and Costa Mesa residents. Conditions treated include Glaucoma, ADM - or Adult Macular Degeneration, Dry Eyes, and other common eye ailments.  

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